About Us

Rick and I were married in 1967, so we have celebrated a lot of wedding anniversaries. We raised two boys, who married wonderful girls, who gave us four beautiful granddaughters and three handsome grandsons. They call us "Oma" and "Opa," which is German for Grandma and Grandpa.

Rick is a true entrepreneur, who has started many successful businesses and designed and invented some very unique equipment in the automotive field. I have been writing books for major publishers since 1982 and have written over 65 books in that time. If you have insomnia, you could definitely use one of my books to put you to sleep—they are all technical computer books and college text books. When I'm not writing, I love gardening. I always plant herbs (basil, mint, and sage) as well as flowers for cutting and for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. I usually plant lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, green beans, cucumbers, and cateloupe, and I always expect a big crop of strawberries.

Our Experience

We have lots of experience both in entertaining others and entertaining ourselves. We've entertained one or two guests at a time and hosted parties with more than 50 guests. When it comes to entertaining ourserlves, we love to travel. We have traveled the world over from Hawaii to the Grand Caymans, from England to Switzerland, from Monte Carlo to Germany, from Italy to Greece. Every time we travel, we pick up ideas about how to entertain or accommodate our own guests.

Hospitality is our Passion

This property has always been a gathering place for our family and friends. So it was just a natural extension to share our country retreat with travelers and vacationers who prefer not to stay in an impersonal hotel. My husband and I have always had a great time together, and we like nothing better than to lavish hospitality on our wonderful guests. We have built or acquired lots of things on our property for having fun—the pool, the hot tub, the 50's diner, the pinball game, the ping pong table, the air hockey game, the driving range, and the list goes on. I think we were originally building "Grandchildren's World," but it turned into a great place for vacationers to stay as well.

Why We Love It, and You Will Too

We love the sights and sounds of this place, and our guests do too. As you approach our driveway, the foothills come into view—then you know you're in Tennessee. When you drive down our 1,000-foot driveway, the first 200 feet are lined on both sides with crepe myrtles—an explosion of pink from late July until September.

Outside you can hear wind chimes, trickling fountains, and birds of all kinds calling to each other from the dozens of Southern pines that line the borders of our property. When I'm gardening early in the morning, I can hear a rooster crowing—way across the fields some where. And if you're outside at just the right time and you might hear a train whistle from an unseen train hurtling down the tracks somewhere in the distance.

Perhaps "idylic" is a bit too strong an adjective for our place, but summer nights are cooler and the stars are brighter here. You can hear the sound of the crickets and watch the fireflies poke holes in the dark, beckoning to be captured in glass pickle jars. Fall air is crisp, and you can smell wood burning in distant fireplaces. For the most part, our winters are pretty short and mild in Tennessee, but cold enough to be invigorating. In the spring, there's nothing like the smell of new mown hay from the surrounding farms and the sight of new calves and colts running in the fields. I guess on second thought, I'm stickin' by "idylic."



Your Hosts: Rick and Yvonne Johnson

Our Yearly Trip to Switzerland

Rick doing what he loves best - racing!

Yvonne (Oma) with 2 of her 4 granddaughters.

The crepe myrtles in full explosion.